Sacred Sister Yoga Retreat and Divine circle creation – Package 2



Celebrate ๐Ÿ•‰ Support ๐Ÿ•‰ Honour

Come together with us for a day and night of Yoga, Ritual, Chanting, Dance and Joy.

Prema at the heart of Yoga offers an opportunity to become part of a lifelong sisterhood, honouring, celebrating, and supporting the Divine Shakti Feminine within us all.

At the moment while we hold space for each other and grow together the circle will be 18. Over time the circle will grow to 27.

This will be the most beautiful opportunity to be supported, and held while you rise up, discover your divine power and unleash the Goddess within.

Pricing options.
Package 1 – marae style yurt accommodation byo bedding Mattress provided. Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast provided.$220 x 7 places
Package 2 – Shared yurts, beds and bedding provided. Lunch, breakfast and Dinner.$255 x 6 places
Package 3 – Queen house Accommodation.
Breakfast,ย  Lunch and dinner.ย  $305 x 4 places
Please Deposit funds if your package is not listed.
ASB 12-3114-0174272-00

Premaloka yoga


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